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Ignacio López-Calvo

Ignacio López-Calvo

Professor of Latin American Literature and Culture, Presidential Endowed Chair in the Humanities

Contact: | COB2 222 | Website: Ignacio López-Calvo 

Ignacio López-Calvo is a Professor of Latin American Literature and Culture and Presidential Endowed Chair in the Humanities at the University of California, Merced. He is the author of 80 articles and 8 books: Saudades of Japan and Brazil: Contested Modernities in Lusophone Nikkei Cultural Production; Dragons in the Land of the Condor: Tusán Literature and Knowledge in Peru; The Affinity of the Eye: Writing Nikkei in Peru; Latino Los Angeles in Film and Fiction: The Cultural Production of Social Anxiety; Imaging the Chinese in Cuban Literature and Culture; “Trujillo and God”: Literary and Cultural Representations of the Dominican Dictator; Religión y militarismo en la obra de Marcos Aguinis 1963-2000; Written in Exile. Chilean Fiction from 1973-Present.

Courses Taught:
SPAN 140: Colonial Latin Am. Literature
SPAN 143: Latin Am. Literature Survey I
SPAN 144: Mestizajein the Works by Caribbean Women Writers
SPAN 145: Novel of the Latin American Dictator
SPAN 146: Contemporary Latin Am. Prose
SPAN 146: Violence in Lat Am film and fiction
SPAN 146: Latin Am. Short Story
SPAN 148: Narrative World of Vargas Llosa
SPAN 149: The Fantastic, Magical Realism, Historical Novel and Testimonio
SPAN 149: Caribbean Novel and Testimonials
SPAN/CRES 150: Asians in the Americas